Why PHP / MySql?

PHP and MySQL combine to be an easy yet powerful way to create dynamic web pages that actually interact with your visitors. HTML can create useful and well formatted web pages. With the addition of PHP and MySQL you can collect data from your users, create specific content on the fly, and do many other things that HTML alone can’t do.

PHP and MySQL are two of the most popular open source technologies to emerge during the past decade. PHP is a powerful language for writing server-side Web applications. MySQL is the world most popular open source database. Together, these two technologies provide you with a powerful platform for building database-driven Web applications.

This hands-on Object Oriented PHP and MySQL training course teaches attendees everything they need to successfully build data-driven Web sites using MySQL and PHP.

Stability and compatibility

Currently, PHP runs stable on a range of operating systems including most flavors of UNIX. PHP / MySql do not require any License fees unlike Windows supported languages.

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